Strong Women


First off, I would like to say something about feminism:

Feminism and I have a complicated relationship.It is mostly because feminism is one thing one day, and a completely different thing the next (have you ever tried to have a relationship with someone who is less 2-faced, and more kabajillion-faced?) . And there are parts of it I whole-heartedly agree with, and parts of it I contest. I wrote a poem about it last December that you can check out if you feel so inclined [CLICK HERE].

But I want to talk about something that transcends feminism. I am not going to talk about rights, or about sexual identities, or about the fight for freedom, or slut walks, or abortion, or whether physically powerful women are attractive (#swolefordayz) or anything else that gets wrapped up in feminism. The issue of strong women is completely separate from feminism in my mind.

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Strong Women

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The child’s eyes are curious; the couple’s mouths are smiling. The standing man bows his head and closes his eyes. The woman rests her head on the dirty plastic and looks down. The others look forward and just above their neighbors.  Their humanity is suddenly tangible. The broken hearts beat strange rhythms as the blood must climb through disturbed vessels.

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mAps & shApes



It’s odd how a shape can evoke nostalgia.

That’s all a map is:shapes.

That one in the northwest corner makes me think of waking up to birdsong and cool breezes. It reminds me of coyotes call and climbing trees and cookie dough, of ding-dong-dance, sexy6, and 4core; of long drives, late night tears, runs and hours of black & white keys. It reminds me of the first friendships.

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mAps & shApes