Welcome–my name is Danielle.

As of late, I’ve been pondering the idea that “we are what we love.” As for me, I love the smell after rain–probably from my years growing up in the woody terrain outside of Seattle, Wa; I love waking up early; I love tall, green things and the feeling of being submerged (in water, in a book, in a song). In an earlier iteration of this about page, I wrote that “my dream is to research and teach on the intersections of literature and theology and to continually investigate these meaning-making paradigms.” That dream has shifted a bit, and I’m stretching myself to ask how. Due to this how question, I started my own podcast called Godcast in which I come alongside my guests to investigate their religious backgrounds as they pertain to various aspects of their identity. I’m fascinated by identity and how the stories we tell about ourselves and the divine shape our realities. Starting in January of 2018, I have been training and working as a dialogue facilitator through a nonprofit I currently volunteer at. This work gives me life, and is teaching me new ways of creating spaces of listening, curiosity, and concern.

This place has become a bit of a personal anthology.  I’ve been quiet on this front for a while, and I am not sure where or when this space will become something new. tumblr_mpopf2QPQL1qzi9p6o6_500

Be well and at peace,


“There don’t seem to be many today who would be willing to treat the Bible as a strange book that is both full of ambiguities and open and life-giving. Many of its treasures are lost to those who bring to it only small questions.”

-Alan Jones

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