V I S I o N

Just sunset-gazing at a Monastery in Kentucky. I’m going back soon.

I can only see what is right in front of my face & I can only feel what is on the top of my heart. I can only sense the last thing that leveled me & I can only taste the most recent disappointment. But there is so much more.

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V I S I o N


unedited poem 17 

Please do not tell me
that you heard the way the geyser watched
his left hand rise and fall to the knee
attached to the
attached to the
(I kissed)
attached to the ground and not moving.

Please do not tell me
that you noticed the ceiling fan crying as his lips
the name that
was once mine
the song that
was never mine
the red lights flashing
melodies of vampiric
snow melting and
freezing and melting
and freezing fake
resurrections of blood baths.
and you walked.

stopped. then
turned around.
I’m still walking

because I’m waking to the thin bones
of friends gripping my
face and
I’m waking to the thin memories
of you stirring my
bones and
I’m still walking

away so please do not tell me
to come back.
You’ll have to pick up the pace.