Sprained Ankle/ Julien Baker

This song is ethereal and melancholy, but not in the climactic moment of pain and “I can’t remember what light looks like” type of way, rather, in the “life is hard and i’m tired and I’m not sure how I got here” way. It reminds me of the best parts of both Keaton Henson and of Mree except for Julien isn’t writing explicitly about a relationship (which is nice).


And even though I’m not in a “life is hard and I’m tired” season, I’ve been listening to it on repeat for days because it’s that beautiful.

Oh and the lyrics. The first ones are: “Wish I could write songs about anything other than death”. wow.

Here’s the link to the song (which is on NPR’s all songs considered). It’s a beaut.

Sprained Ankle/ Julien Baker

Playlist: “In July, I learned that it is both heavy and light to be in love with everyone and with no one at all.”

This morning, my july playlist magically queued up the 3 songs that are currently my favorite (by currently, i mean, it may change by tomorrow).

I want to share.

(PS, that’s the title of my July playlist and i know that it’s maybe dramatic, but hey, i really do feel like God is trying to teach me to replace comparing myself with others to being absolutely enamored by the way that God has designed the people around me. He teaching me to be free to rejoice in the gifts of those around me that used to make me feel like i’m simultaneously too much and not enough)

^thanks Neal for this beaut

^one of my favorite love songs rn / on repeat during my commute

^”You must be loving your life in the rain” / i love running to this song (and fifth harmony, but i’m less proud of that)

Playlist: “In July, I learned that it is both heavy and light to be in love with everyone and with no one at all.”

Jean Vanier | The Wisdom of Tenderness

“My experience today is much about how vulnerable God is, you see, God is so respectful of our freedom and if, as the epistle of John says that ‘God is Love,’ anyone who has loved in their life, knows they become vulnerable: where are you? and, to the other person: do you love me back? 

So if God is love, it means that God is terribly vulnerable and God doesn’t want to enter into relationship where he is or she is obliging us to do something.”


Please listen to this whole conversation with Jean Vanier while driving, while walking, while at work, while you can’t sleep at night or all of the above:

Jean Vanier | The Wisdom of Tenderness

Jean Vanier | The Wisdom of Tenderness