This is the last time

“i wish everybody knew what’s so great about you. Oh, but your love is such a swamp”

those lyrics makes me laugh and they’re great

This is the last time

NYC 2k15 videos + photos

Ok, I could write everything we did in NYC. But Jen did that here. And I already wrote about the Sufjan show, so I decided to stick with the video montage route.

So, If you like sexy close ups of Jen, flawless transitions, and excellent song censoring, check it out.

if you’re myself, my mother or jeanette and are interested in a longer unedited version, see below:

(highlights include Jen freaking out at time square at 0:20, unedited subway dancing at 2:45 and a sad attempt to say bye to NYC at 3:48)

NYC was perfect, that’s really all anyone needs to know.

and here are some pictures:

IMG_3546 IMG_3522 IMG_3509 IMG_3506 IMG_3505 IMG_3786 IMG_3763 IMG_3773 IMG_1407 IMG_3760
IMG_3743 IMG_3728 IMG_3716 IMG_3707 IMG_3698
IMG_3680 IMG_3676
IMG_3616 IMG_3615
IMG_3610 IMG_3609 IMG_3597 IMG_3565 IMG_3557 IMG_1401 IMG_1333 IMG_1416 IMG_1354 IMG_1331 IMG_1246 IMG_1263

NYC 2k15 videos + photos



“Oh Rhubarb, the infamous traitor of all vegetables. While clearly a veggie, rhubarb has gained the spotlight for filling  springtime pies. But when rhubarb isn’t busy stuffing cobblers, tarts and bars, she is still featured in salads, vinaigrettes and even soups. Rhubarb was totally that girl you hated in high school (maybe envision her when you’re chopping rhubarb up for the delicious tart you’re about to make) and now she’s probably a wildly popular veggie feminist breaking down all the traditional roles of carrots, broccoli and rainbow chard across the globe. Gotta love her for that (but still hate her for being good at literally everything. ew)”

–Danielle Isbell, writing at work
I am forever taking every metaphor at least one step too far.
(also I cut most of this from the actual article)
 Have I mentioned I love my internship?